Tips for Using Apps Designed for iPhone, iPad & iPodgplusipadappsmall.png, 1X Vs 2X

iPad runs nearly all applications, or apps, designed for iPhone and iPod touch available in the App Store. The App Store also features many applications designed specifically for iPad. This article offers resources and tips for using apps designed for iPhone and iPod touch on the iPad.

Here are some things to remember when using apps designed for iPhone and iPod touch on your iPad:
  • Apps may only work in portrait or landscape orientation. These apps will change orientation even with screen rotation lock on.
  • Apps can run in their original size or expand to fill the screen. Tap the 1x or 2x icon in the bottom right of the screen to switch between sizes.
  • Text and graphics may not appear as sharp when using 2x mode. If you prefer sharper text and graphics, use 1x instead.
  • Some features may not be available on iPad (for example, apps that let you make phone calls or use the iPhone camera to take pictures).

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