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Background Information:
  • Description: This page will focus on "apptivities" that can be modified and used at various grade levels and curricular areas. Lesson activities and ideas using a variety of FREE Apps will be shared and demonstrated with hands-on practice using a model lesson.


Review iPad Basics: (Skills Used with Apps Below)emoji-keyboard-ipad-iphone.jpg
  • Screen Snap/Screen Capture: Hold down the HOME button and the ON/OFF/POWER button at the same time and a picture will be "snapped" and added to the camera roll under Photos (the app)
  • Keyboard Basics:
    • Hold down the "PERIOD" on the keyboard when entering a URL address to access .com, .org, .edu, .us, .net and others with the period key (this also works with the "N" key to access the accent mark above the N) Try it with a number of keys (S) to reveal what is available when tapping and holding on other keys on the keyboard
    • Add additional language keyboards such as Greek, Symbol, Emoji under the SETTINGS app-->General Tab-->Keyboard-->Add Keyboard. This will add a "world key" to the keyboard next to the space bar (see at right) where you can access different language keyboards quickly.
  • Efficient Searching: From the Home Screen (not in an app) Touch the glass on the iPad and swipe down to reveal the search bubble where you can type in the name of the app or item you are looking for
  • Copy/Paste: Double Tap a word to select it and when the "blue bubbles" appear, drag them to select the passage you want to copy and tap COPY from the pop-up, navigate to the location where you want to past the information and then double tap the location and select PASTE from the pop-up.
  • Saving Pics: In Safari, navigate to a picture you want to copy, Touch and Hold (sometimes you have to tap and hold) and a prompt window will pop-up where you can select "SAVE IMAGE or COPY"
  • Folders/Moving Apps/Doc:
    This picture shows a folder containing nine apps that have been added.
    • Apps can be moved around on the screen by touching and holding on the app (it will start to jiggle/shake)
    • To put apps into folders, tap and hold on the app until it starts to jiggle/shake and then drag it on top of another app to form a folder (you can name the folder by tapping the name)
    • To take apps out of a folder, tap and hold on the folder/app until it jiggles/shakes and then drag it out of the folder. Once all apps are removed the folder will disappear
    • Efficient Moving of Apps: Once you have a folder created with at least two apps, move the folder to your dock (you have to make the apps jiggle/shake to move them) and then drag apps to the folder in the dock. Some teachers have folders for each subject area in the dock to make it easier for students to find their math, science, language arts, social studies apps.
  • Notes App: The notes app can be used to take notes, copy and paste information from a web browser, etc. and then can be shared (e-mailed, messaged, copied & printed--if you have access to a wireless printer)
  • Contacts/Mail: if email is active on the iPad, add your name & picture in contacts under your last name or the name “Teacher” and have students e-mail you their work (some set up a gmail account for student work)

iBooks Use:ibooks.jpg
  • iBooks is a free app--it originally came preloaded on all iPads but must now be downloaded from the App Store
  • Download iBooks from the App Store. Once downloaded, tap the STORE button to search for a book to download --the search bubble is in the top right corner once you arrive at the store. We download the free version of The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen. Look for other books used in your literature curriculum.ibook-menu.jpg
  • Double tap a word and select it and from the Pop-Up you can:
          • Highlight the word in various colors--we talked about highlight adverbs and adjectives in different colors
          • Define the word--most words can be defined however proper names and common words such as the, or, etc. will not be defined
          • Search for the word on the web (it leaves iBooks however)
          • If Speak Selection is turned in in your Settings the word can be pronounced by the iPad voice feature (Settings-->General-->Accessibility-->Speak Selection)
          • Notes can be added--we wrote a kid friendly definition of a word
  • Book Menu: if you do not see the table of contents button, the enlarge font button, etc. while reading a book, tap the title of the book at the top and it will appear
  • Table of Contents: Within the table of contents you can access all bookmarks, notes, etc. When in the notes the user can tap the Share icon to edit the notes and sent them via e-mail to their teacher, themselves or another student.
  • Big A, Little A icon: Use this button in iBooks to change the font, size of the print, and color of the pagenebooks logo.png
  • Magnifying Glass Icon/Search: Within the book you can search for key phrases, words or page number
  • Ribbon Icon: tap to bookmark a page
  • NE Books Project: The Nebraska Department of Education is sponsoring the Nebraska Books project where agencies, teachers and students are writing and assembling iBooks about Nebraska that can be downloaded free of charge. The quality of the books is pretty amazing--have a look: Link to Nebraska Books Project (tap the ebooks link on the left to access the currently available books--more are added periodically during the year)

Skitch App: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/skitch-snap.-mark-up.-send./id490505997?mt=8

Language Arts Demo:
  • Use the App Safari to find and save pictures for the words in iBook (Ugly Duckling)
    • Burdock, retreat, ventured, disturbance, comrade, emperor and meadow
  • Use the Skitch App to add word meanings on pictures, draw etc.
  • Haiku Deck for a vocabulary deck/stack from the Ugly Duckling
  • Reflection: Think about how you could use the same apps in different subjects with a similar use. Once your students learn how to use the apps the time on the activities or stations is greatly reduced because you spend less time on learning the app and more time on the product/activity.
    • Social Studies: Use Skitch to mark up a map and track the route of the explorerers
    • Science: Label the parts of a flower, microscope, etc.
    • Math: Label the steps to solve a problem, the vertices, angles, etc on polygons
    • Language Arts: Work with vocabulary words (as done in this activity)
    • Primary grades: Taking pictures and marking/labeling colors, shapes, taking a picture of a clock and annotating the time,

Math with Camera App & Skitch & Haiku Deck (we did not have time for this activity but I included it for your notes)
  • Get the group up and moving--take pictures of angles (right angles, obtuse angles, acute angles)
  • Use the camera to take 3-5 pictures (more if you have time)
  • Use Skitch to label the angles and save to the camera roll
  • Open Haiku Deck and put one of your pictures on each slide along with a title for the type of angle and a characteristic of the angle. Send a link to the deck to your email.

Math QR Code Bags/Ideas (Download Scan)
  • Download QR Reader (free) for your iPad
  • Work in table groups with QR Cards to scan each card and record results on the Math Worksheets
  • Scan Cards
  • Demo how to create QR Codes with goQR

Apps & Integration Ideas Shared:
  • iBook: this app allows users to download eBooks from the iBook Store (or an iBook shared on a web site) Pages can be bookmarked, words can be highlighted, and notes can be taken within the downloaded book.
    • Instructions & Lesson Idea:
      • Participants will download the iBook, "The Ugly Duckling" and search for and highlight the following words: burdock, retreat, ventured, emperor, brood, comrade.
      • Participants will add notes with student written definitions and/or synonyms (words can be looked up within the book using "define")
      • Participants will send their notes and highlights to their teacher at pkrambeck.e172d@m.evernote.com

  • Haiku Deck: Haiku Deck is the free app that allows users to create a stack of cards for sharing with others
    • App Link:
    • Handout:
    • Instructions & Lesson Idea:

  • Aurasma: This free app allows users to view/scan a designated image that triggers another action such as a web site or video.
    • App Link:
    • Handout:
    • Instructions & Lesson Idea:

  • Safari: Safari is the web browser that comes preloaded on your iPad. There are other web browsers available that you can experiment with later, but you will want to become familiar with Safari and the way that the web browser works on the iPad--it is a little different than what you routinely use on your laptop and their are differences in the way Safari works with the differeniPad operating systems

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