iPad Basics ~ Creating Folders for Appscustom-home.png

iPad users can create folders for the placement of applications both--including adding folders full of apps on the doc!

To Begin Creating Folders for Apps:
1. Turn on your device.

2. On the Home Screen tap and hold on any application icon until the apps begin to “jiggle” and you can see an “x” in the top left corner. (see the device home screen at right with an “x” in each corner of the apps)

3. Once the application icons are jiggling, you can drag an application on top of another to create a folder. A prompt window will appear for you to name the folder.

4. You can continue dragging the "jugging icons" into the folder--20 apps will fit in a folder on an iPad2. (iPhone/iPod Touch folders will hold 12 presently). Previous operating systems and older iPads may be limited to only 12 apps in a folder. The icons representing the folders look like only 9 apps are inside but if you open the folder you will see all the apps that you have included.

5. To eliminate/remove a folder, simply drag the apps out of the folder until no apps remain. The folder will disappear when it is empty.

Folders can be added to the doc--simply drag the folder to the doc.

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