iPads in the Elementary Classroom
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Camera Scavenger Hunt -
Be creative in your use of apps that come loaded on the iPad. Using this activity we will use our math skills and take pictures around the building.

Activity - Camera Scavenger Hunt.pdf

QR Shopping Trip - QR Codes can give a variety of information, with this activity we will use QR codes to work on our math.

Activity - QR Shopping WS.pdf

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QR Voice
QR Eric Carle.JPG
QR Voice adds a spoken voice to your QR codes. This site will take up to 100 characters and turn them into spoken word. You can use this method to use QR codes with early elementary students who may not be able to read the directions, they will be read out loud to them.
  • Give directions on an assignment
  • Introduce a center
  • Define vocabulary words
  • Summaries of books

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Bingo Baker

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