iPad Basics ~ Gestures
Source: http://www.apple.com/ios/features.html

iOS 5 includes a few new gestures and shortcuts to help users navigate their iPads more quickly. Gestures are defined as the use of finger movements on the glass display of the iPad that assist the user in making selections or moving from one display to another on the device.

Basic Gestures:
gestures_tap-click.jpgTap once to highlight or make a selection--works like a mouse click on a computer


Pinch: used when you need to zoom out of an image or web page in apps such as Safari


Un-Pinch/Expand Two Fingers: used when you want to zoom In on an image or web page in Safari


Flick: a gesture used to move up/down or left/right in lists like a scroll bar. Give the list a flick and it will start to scroll quickly then slow down as it begins to run out of momentum


Swipe: Used in apps such as Photos and iBooks--swipe one finger on the glass from left to right, right to left to flip pages or move from one picture to the next.

Reveals Multi-Task Bar

Multitasking Gestures:

      • Home Pinch: The speediest way to get back to the Home screen on the iPad is the new four- or five-finger pinch gesture, which can be executed in any app to close it.

      • Multitask Swipe: four- or five-finger multi-tasking gesture to bring up the multitasking bar by swiping all the fingers upwards

      • App Switch: swipe sideways with four or five finger to move to the next app.
        App Switch: Swipe 4 fingers sideways

      • Shake the iPad: erases the document (you get a chance to confirm) in some apps such as Notes or "undoes" the last step in iPhotogestures-shake.jpg
Home Pinch: returns to the home screen

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