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Description: Participants in this session will get a hands on look at how to use their iPads in the classroom environment. Examples of how to use the iPads with groups of students as a center or in whole group instruction. A number of applications will be shared and we will also look at a variety of web based applications we can use with the iPad

Connecting Activity: (5 minutes) at table groups, participants share a tip or trick they have learned using the iPad. It could be how to take a picture of the screen, how to organize apps into folders, etc.

Overview of the Basics: (20 minutes)

Learning Stations: (60 minutes) Teachers will rotate through four stations to complete activities where they learn an app and complete a series of curricular related activities at the station. Teachers will get ideas on how to set-up a station with the iPads by experiencing the stations first hand.

Whole Group App Cards: (30 minutes—10 minutes each) Using app cards with instructions and lesson ideas, participants will complete the activity in whole group with the following apps: Socrative (clicker app), Lino (sticky note app—we will do a sorting or labeling activity), ShowMe (whiteboard like app with audio—we will be creating a ShowMe clip on parts of a whole—fractions)

Hands on Literacy Lesson: (60 minutes)

  • Vocabulary lesson: Using Comic Touch Lite, participants will create a “cartoon” that illustrates their assigned vocabulary word from “How Zebras Got Their Stripes” (they will have the vocabulary words on notes from the iBook activity in Station #4)
  • Collaboration Activity: students will share their vocabulary comics using the app Bump until they each have all 8 vocabulary words.
  • Writing Activity: Students will create an a vocabulary iBook using Scribble Press and the vocabulary comics created in the vocabulary lesson and shared in the collaboration activity.

App Exploration: (50 minutes) ---using app cards or app list provided by Gretna

Teachers will explore apps using the app cards or the list provided by the school to explore apps that fit into their curricular areas noting the grade level and the way the app would be used (centers or whole group)

Closing: (10 minutes) Pop-Up Activity for sharing one “big idea” that they learned today that they could use in their classroom.