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Participants: Link to participant list will be an active link for the workshop and afterwards from This list will allow you to connect via e-mail with another participant.

Description: This session is intended for teachers who are currently teaching math and utilizing iPads in their classroom. The day is intended to be one of idea gathering, conversation and sharing. An ESU facilitator will lead the discussion around the topic of iPads in the classroom. Teachers should come prepared to share ideas on iPad apps, resources and activities that have been successful in their classrooms.

Agenda items included in the days activities:
  • Introduction and sharing on iPad experiences in the classroom
  • Facilitated discussion on how devices are managed in the classroom
  • App directories and resource sharing
  • Exploration of FREE apps
  • Demonstration of learning and sharing an app
  • Development of a “apptivity” for sharing with participants
  • Lesson and activity sharing
  • Google Hangout practice for online collaboration and establishment of a schedule for follow-up on-line discussions and sharing

Handouts & Print Items Shared:

Images of Participants Math Apps on their iPads:

Links & Information Shared
  • Symbaloo of Elementary Math Apps: This symbaloo contains many math apps (quite a few are elementary) that a math teacher put together for use by students and parents.
  • Symbaloo of Secondary Math Apps: 60+ Free apps to support MS Math: Row 1: Vocabulary, Row 2&3: Math Games, Row 4: Algebra Games, Row 5: Surprisingly Edu Games, Row 6: Tools, Row 7: Notetaking/Annotation/Student Products
  • Symbaloo of Debbie's Math Resources: Links to K-12 Math Resources
  • Educreations: Cost Free--Can create a video etc. using the whiteboard, similar to ShowMe App, can create several slides, students used this to show problem solutions, uses for a presentation tool to share with students who are absent or need more practice, etc.
  • Comic touch Lite: iPhone app that is FREE can create comics for example to demonstrate the way kidneys function.
  • Five Dice App: Cost: FREE, participants/users roll the dice and then must arrange the dice in the correct order to arrive at the predetermined answer. A whiteboard is available to "work out" the problem. (Four dice is also available for $1.99)
  • Zentomino Lite App: Cost: FREE, similar to the $1.99 app called Pentomino, this apps allows the users to tile rectangles to create specified shapes. PentoSolver is another free app that works in a similar fashion
  • Magic Squares: Based on the magic square game created by Benjamin Franklin, with this app, the user must moved tiles to equal a predesigned sum.
Apps Shared by Participants:
  • CloudOn: Cost: Free Similar to Dropbox--it is a way to edit what is in your Dropbox (shared by Kim Brehm)
  • Google Drive--access your Google Documents online (Cost: Free) Students take notes and upload them to Google Drive so they have access when they get home (shared by James Eddy)
  • (shared by Kristin Delehant)
  • 3D Math Racing: Cost: free This app makes the students get questions correct to race against other vehicles, the iPad is use to steer, helps with number sense. (shared by James Eddy)
  • (shared by Heather Findell)
  • Scan Pages: Cost: Free (made by Ricoh) Uses the camera on your device and scans it to a .pdf Geometry class--has 2 students with iPads and is just getting started with their use, scans and then can be exported as a .pdf (shared by Karlie Hermsen) Also shared the app Paprika recipe organizer app cost is $4.99
  • (shared by Janet Larson)
  • Socrative App: Cost: Free Ashley is using Socrative as a prep tool for the NeSA assessment to create questions that can be used as an entrance or exit ticket with sample math questions. The activity requires both the student and teacher app (shared by Ashley Lenagh)
  • (shared by Jim Meyer)
  • Symbaloo App: Cost: Free Debbie uses this as a launchpad (shared by Debbie Schraeder)
  • (shared by Jill Shields)
  • Apps Gone Free App: (shared by Janet Larson) apps that are free for a day or two that usually cost
  • Sushi Monster: Cost--Free schools uses Fast Math software, Scholastic has put out the app Sushi Monster (shared by Janet Larson)
  • Equivalent Fractions app: NCTM puts out free apps Equivalent fractions--extra practice on fractions and show fractions on a number line and be able to manipulate them.
  • (shared by James Simpson)
  • (shared by Jeff Spilker)
  • Free Graphing Calculator Graphing calculator app that is FREE and works well so that students can see the problem, the buttons light up when adding numbers, symbols, etc., top right "Mode button" allows you to use different functions, x and y axis--shake to go back to reset, pinch x axis or y axis to narrow, pinch diagonally to narrow both ways, ABOVE and beyond other apps--tap on the screen to get trace options and shows x and y coordinates, tabs have additional features--Keith uses the free version and it works well, all students have downloaded and are using this app (shared by Keith Mann)
  • Khan Academy App: (Free App) originated as a web site but now has an app, videos on Math Science, Humanities, test prep, etc. Keith uses this for Geometry, he has found that the huge number of examples makes it overwhelming for students so you want to sent them to a specific video, can turn on subtitles for students, has a logon so that you can track what students are watching. (shared by Keith Mann)
  • NearPod: Cost--Free, Web site for NearPod: Share content that is teacher paced and also use the assessment tool. The group is interested in this piece but no one has used it in their classroom yet.
  • Bell Curve App Cost--Free, for statistics that allows users to put in items and tells the z score and will find the probability, can move items and change the curve (shared by Heather Findell)
  • Video Calculus (shared by Heather Findell)
  • Calculus Pro (iphone app--$.99) (shared by Heather Findell)
  • Algebra Touch Cost--$1.99 (shared by Jim Simpson) Students can create their own problem set, solve equations by dragging numbers from one side of the equation to another
  • 24 Game App: order of operation game to total 24--must use all four numbers and use any of the order of operations. (shared by Jim Simpson)
  • Symbolic Calculator: similar to graph calc, symbolic calculator factors out the numbers(shared by Jim Meyer)
  • Art Studio (cost)and Geometry Pad(free) , Geometry Pad Plus ($5.99), Note Master, Math Ref: Coop purchase--pack of 12 stylus for $10 so she bought 3-4 packs and sells to students who don't like to write with their fingers, has all the students take notes, try and figure out which app works best at the beginning of the year (shared by Jill Shields)
  • Blogger App for Class Web Page (shared by Jeff Spilker) transitioned from 2 years of Algebra to 1 year of Algebra, has added Algebra support that is iPad based, uses a class web site: http://titanalgebra.blogspot.comhas reteaching videos, works well with students (7000 hits since August), IXL web site was also added, Blogger app for management of blog

Projector/Computer/iPad Connectivity
  1. Apple TV for wireless connectivity using Airplay:
  2. Splashtop:Displays computer screen on iPad with full connectivity
  3. Reflection: Display iPad screen on Computer (Link to Info
  4. Tools: Pens, cases, keyboards, ziplock bags
  5. Monoprice: Link to pricing on earbuds

Apps to Share: (teachers who use these apps can share how they are using them—if no one is using, Pam will share)
  • Socrative: this app works like a "clicker" where students can answer question or add responses to teacher generated questions. There is a student and a teacher app--those generating questions will need the teacher app.
  • iBook Author on the Mac Desktops for creating iBook materials: Link to Info at Apple
  • iBooks—notes, bookmarks, emailing, pdf viewing
  • DropBox & SendtoDropbox: Link to Dropbox ~ Link to Sendtodropbox
  • Evernote:
  • Google Drive: Access your Google Docs and edit, 5 gig of storage space free ~ Link
  • QR Codes, QR Voice: Quick Reference Codes for more information, links, checking answers, etc.: how are teachers using this tool, what apps work best in the language arts classroom, etc
  • Web Browser tips: .com, side by side, saving pics, screen snap
  • Finding good appsAppitic, iEar, TechChef4U(an app, Pinterest board, Facebook page and more) ~ TechChef4U Science Page
    • Teachers will spend some time at the sites above and come back with one new apps that have downloaded and explored using information from one of the sites above.
    • Science specific apps that teachers found in Appitic & TechChef4U that they will explore and use for upcoming units:
    • Sources of Suggested Apps by Other Math Teachers:
      • TCEA's .pdf of Free Apps: Link

Classroom management
  • Items unique to iPads
  • Sending and receiving documents—solutions
  • Limiting access to part/pieces of iPads

Successful activities
  • Share a lesson that has been successful
  • Share an idea that worked
  • What has been most successful in your area—sometimes it is the little things

Blogs of Math Teachers Sharing Apps: