Productivity Apps

Apps are plentiful and we cannot keep current on all app offerings or those that are recently developed. This list is an attempt to put together 10+ apps that teachers in our districts are finding useful in the area of productivity. We have also included a few links near the bottom of sites that list apps by subject area that might be useful. This list will evolve as we continue to have workshops and explore new apps.

Animoto - Animoto turns the pictures on your iPod Touch into beautiful music videos! It only takes a few minutes to make one.

Air Mouse - Mobile Air Mouse FREE instantly transforms you iPod touch into a wireless remote for you computers. This works on either a Mac or PC. (I paid $1.99 for the Pro Version.) There is a separate version just for the iPad ($2.99)

Google Docs - Access everything Google with this app....Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Reader and more.

Instapaper - Save web pages from your computer to read later on your iPod Touch. You will need to install the Read Later bookmark and then mark any pages you would like to "read later!" Great for long articles that you find but don't have the time to read when you find them.

IMG_0104.PNGEchofon for Twitter - Twitter app. For some reason I had better luck with this app than I did with Twitterific.

Doodle Kids - This painting program was written by a 9 year old for his little sister. Draw random shapes in random colors to create effects. Shake the device to clear the screen.

Facebook - Facebook for iPod Touch makes it easy to stay connected and share information with friends. Check your friends' latest photos and status updates, look up a phone number, or upload your own mobile photos to Facebook while on the go.

Skype - With Skype on your iPod touch you can call and instant message anyone else on Skype for free. You will need to add the microphone to hear your calls.

Top Charts - Top Charts shows 300 apps at a time filtered by iPhone or iPad, Free or Paid, Categories, and Country. Utilizes new ranking system based on search engine technology. Shows the top keywords for each application so you spend less time reading and more time downloading.

Top 40 FREE Apps of 2010

1. Tap Tap Revenge, free – Tap and shake to the beats of the most popular game on the App Store. ’nuff said.
— See also: Free Tap Tap Revenge 3 review
2. Facebook, free – The most popular app on the iPhone and iPod touch. ’nuff said
— See also: Facebook for iPhone 2.1 review
3. NPR News, free – Live radio (Hi-Fi), programs, text news and more. If you are a news hound, this is a must-have application
4. ABC News, free – Video news, business, entertainment, political, etc. updates all day. Another worthy newshound app with push notifications
— Don’t miss the ABC World News podcast
5. AP Mobile, free – It’s not comprehensive as they claims, but a must have news hound app with push notifications
6. The Weather Channel, free – Going to the beach? Maybe yes and maybe not, but you can find out for sure
7. Lightsaber Unleashed, free – You are not my father!!!
8. Google Earth, free – Way, way better than Maps and you can see your home’s roof, too.
9. CrimeReports, free – There are crime apps and there are sex offender apps. Get both in a single download.
10. Flashlight, free – You’re standing at the door, fumbling with your keys. You really could use a…
11. Virtual Zippo Lighter, free – The classics never die; still a Top 20 app!
12. WordPress, free – If you own and/or post to a WordPress blog, this is a must-have app
— See also: WordPress launches iPhone app 2.0 with new features
13. Bouncedown, free – An insanely addictive arcade style game (12 step program sold separately)
14. Scion AV Radio, free – 17 stations, CD samples, remixes projects and artist interviews
15. Pandora Radio, free – Free, personalized Internet radio that helps you discover new music (rocks)
— See also: Pandora now includes access to Gracenote’s massive lyric database
16. AOL Radio, free – 200+ free radio stations covering 25 genres.
17. SHOUTcast Radio, free – Over 32,000 professional and not-so-professional stations. Shake to shuffle, baby!
18. Now Playing, free – The line at the movies starts and ends in your pocket, kinky.
19. Fandango Movies, free — Billed as the ultimate movie-ticketing app for the iPod touch
20. IMDb, free – Q. Who was the “ugly” guy in the Eastwood classic “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”? A. The Internet movie database.
21. BubbleWrap, free – The best part of Christmas isn’t the presents, not even close. Get your fill of that satisfying snapping sound.
22. Action Bowling, free – Screw the Wii! Here’s ultimate body language bowling game.
23. Virtuoso Piano, free – You’ll need to buy another touch to get two octaves!
24. Drum Player 3, free – I don’t wanna work. I just wanna bang on the drums all day…
25. iJam, free – Simulates a six-string acoustic guitar
26. UNO, free – You against your touch or go multiplayer. The kids will never know what hit ‘em.
27. TicTacFree, free – Play against your touch or another primate (primate not included).
28. Bing, free – Microsoft sucks; Bing doesn’t (go figure)
29. Word Unlimited, free – A simple word search game, just point and drag.
30. Chess, free – Play against your touch or another primate (primate not included, may require some assembly).
31. Skype, free – Remember, the iPod touch has 90 percent of what makes the iPhone great without AT&T. Here’s the other 10 percent.
32. AIM, free – SMS? We don’t need no stinking SMS!
33. textPlus, free – OK, you do need SMS? Then, for goodness sake don’t friction’ pay for it!
34. redbox, free – Blockbuster? NetFlix? Pfft, as if. The future of movie rentals is as close as your touch (and the lobby of Walmart).
35. PAC-MAN, free – Addictive, retro arcade fun, say no more.
36. Bump, free – Makes swapping contact easy (like it should be)
37. Paper Toss, free – Throw crinkled up pieces of paper into a trash can (no clean up required).
38. EverNote, free – The best productivity app for the iPod touch, period.
39. Stanza, free – Some say the best ebook reader for the touch (I sayeReader, but we won’t split hairs).
40. **Olive Tree** **BibleReader** Powerful, simple, searchable and you can add via other free Olive Tree titles and in-app purchases

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