Physical Education

Apps are plentiful and we cannot keep current on all app offerings or those that are recently developed. This list is an attempt to put together 10+ apps that teachers in our districts are finding useful in the area of physical education. We have also included a few links near the bottom of sites that list apps by subject area that might be useful. This list will evolve as we continue to have workshops and explore new apps.

Top Apps Recommendations Physical Educationrunlaptrack-screen.png
runlaptapicon.png Run Lap Tap ($1.99) is an app that was designed for physical education instructors and coaches. With the app, the user can track up to 12 runners at a time, starting them at the same time or staggered. After entering the number of laps and length of the race, runners names are entered and the race is started, the user simply taps their names as they finish laps and split times, pace and speed.

cardiioappicon Cardiio Touchless Camera: ($4.99) One PE teacher called this the best heart rate app they have seen after using multiple such devices and apps over the years. To operate the app the user simply holds the front facing camera Screen Shot 2012-09-10 at 8.57.47 AM.png toward their face and the heart rate check is taken. The web site for this app indicates that the app tracks capillary refill in your face to determine the heart rate response. The display can translate a Heart Rate with an unbelievable level of accuracy.

Coaches Eye: ($4.99) Video an athlete in action and then using markings and audio provide feedback. "Seeing" what they are doing frame by frame and full motion helps break down fundamentals in action. Here is a link to the web site where you can find out more:

cooperstesticon.pngCoopers Test: ($2.99) This app tracks the users who arethe physical education 12 Minute Run that many PE teachers use for fitness testing. Students place the device in their pocket and begin running. Teachers can also use the multi-user mode which can test up to 5 students at a time (HD version allows up to 20). As students complete a lap on a regulation track, the teacher presses the student name and the app tracks distances and gives the average speed and predicted distance.
fitdeck.pngFit Deck Basketball: ($9.99) This app is a collection of basketball skill challenges which students can use independently in a self-paced/station setting. Students pull cards that outline the skills and a benchmark to complete at each level of difficulty.

finishlinephotos.pngFinish Line Photos: ($1.99) This app is a digital stop watch with a digital camera that records the time and a photo as the pictures is snapped. One school is using this at cross country events (not as an official stopwatch) and posting the images on a web site for the athletes and schools to download after the event.

easyassessment.pngEasy Assessment: ($1.99) This app allows the user to capture and assess physical skills in the PE classroom. Teachers setup class (there is an ability to import class lists) and rubrics and data can be entered very quickly using the iOS device.

walk-tracker.pngWalk Tracker: ($2.99) GPS technology is using with this app to track the distance walked. Location services must be turned and 3G or WIFI is needed to fully utilize the app. As the user walks, their path is charted and feedback is provided letting the user know the pace, speed, distance walked and calories burned.

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