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Research Studies on iPads

Apps for Conducting Research
  • The iPad as a Research Tool: this is an article about how a researcher is using the iPad as a research tool and lists the apps that are being used and how they are contributing to the research process.
  • Blog Post Listing Apps for Research: This July 2011 blog post lists the apps that the author has found helpful when researching. Some of the apps that are listed are paid apps, while others such as FlipBoard are free.
  • Top 20 Apps to Help Write a Research Paper:Apps for notetaking and organization as well as those for reference are listed in this blog intended for those pursuing an doctorate (are also helpful for those of us just doing research :)
  • The Best iPad Apps for Research:This site lists apps that are helpful when researching. (only 1 free app is listed, however)

Bibliography Ideas with iPads
  • Bibliography Ideas from taking a picture to using Easy Bib App--this blog posting is worth a read.
  • iSource MLA App: Following the MLA format, iSource is an app that will take care of creating, saving and sharing bibliography entries. ($2.99 app)
  • **QuickCite:** this app is available for both iPhone and Android. QuickCite allows users to take a picture of the book's barcode and it then formates the citation properly and sends it to an e-mail address. ($.99)
  • Evernote: This app (it works for a number of other tasks) is a favorite for note taking and can be a great help when organizing information for a research paper. Taking notes in the app, voice recordings or snapping pictures can be accomplished with this app. (Free)