Tips and Tricks

Turn Off In-App Purchases: - Settings-->General-->Restrictions--In App Purchases (use the slider to turn it off)

Quick Email Delete - Quickly delete an email message by swiping over it in your inbox. This work in Notes and other apps too.tip9CAPS-420-90.jpg

Cap Locks - Double-click the shift button (up arrow) on the keyboard to Lock the capital letters

Quick Number - To quickly insert a number from the alpha keyboard, hold down the number button and then drag to the number. You will return to the alpha keyboard.

Hidden Apostrophe Key on the Keyboard - This is a great tip for any app, like Notes, Pages or Mail, that you type into using the iPad's virtual keyboard. Rather than having to go to the second screen of the keyboard every time you want to type an apostrophe (which is a real pain) just tap and hold on the ! key and a hidden apostrophe option will appear - then just slide your finger up to access it.

tip8quick-420-90.jpgAdd Alternate Extensions - Change the URL extension in Safari by holding down the .com button.

Capture iPad Screen - Hold down the home button and the Sleep/Wake Button at the same time. This will capture the screen and save it in your Photos.

Go Home! - No matter which screen you are on, tapping the Home button will take you immediately to your Home Screen.

Add Extra Apps to Your Tray - There are four apps in the iPad's Dock (the shelf along the bottom of the Home Screen) by default, but you can have up to six apps here for quick access. Press and hold any icon on the Home Screen until the icons start to wobble, then drag two more apps to your Dock.

Save Time Using Spotlight - Instead of wading hopelessly through your music library looking for that one song you want, or endlessly hacking through your Contacts. It's much quicker to make use of the Spotlight search - it can search both iPod and Contacts. Flick right on the Home screen to access Spotlight search, or press the Home button. It also works for launching apps.

Redefine your iPad Home Button - Double-clicking the Home button takes you to the home screen by default, but you can redefine its action in General - Home. To help save you time you can set it to bring up Spotlight search or the iPod application.

Add a Web Page to the iPad Home Screen - If you visit a web page frequently then save time ponderously locating it in your Safari bookmarks by adding it as an icon to your Home screen. Tap the + icon in Safari then tap "Add to Home Screen".

Use the Magnifying Glass - You're entering text but you realise you've made a mistake a couple of lines back. You either fumble about with your finger trying to get back to the exact place, or you use the magnifying glass. Touch and hold your finger in the right area and the magnifying glass appears, enabling you to fine tune your insertion point.

Password Protection - You can password-protect apps like iTunes so that a family member can't buy every U2 record with your credit card. Go to Settings, then General, then Restrictions. Press Enable Restrictions and type a password, then turn on the restrictions you want for the apps available. Note that this password is different from your iTunes password - you'll need to tap in both.

Copy and Paste - You can quickly copy and paste text by holding down, then tapping Copy, then going to a different window, and holding down and tapping Paste. To select a paragraph of text tap four times.

75 Really Useful iPad Tips and Tricks