It’s everything you love about viewing, editing, and sharing photos — but with the power and simplicity of Multi-Touch. You can quickly organize and compare photos. Brush adjustments onto an image with your finger. Apply professional-quality effects in a single tap. And create beautiful photo journals to share with family and friends. It’s creative control like you’ve never experienced before.

From the opening screen of iPhoto you see all your photos organized in a number of different ways.


Always Help Available

Not sure where to start?
Turn on help by pressing the Question Mark at the top center fo the screen and it will label all the tools and help you get started!

Cool Interface

With the iPad interface you can manipulate your images in a wide variety of cool ways!
Try a two finger pinch or select an album to see the pictures contained in the album.


Advanced Editing tools

Awesome advanced editing tools allow you to make your photos look great!
While you are looking at a picture the editing tools will appear in the lower left hand corner.
Simply touch the part of an image you want to change, then drag up, down, left, or right to turn any photo into a masterpiece.


Professional Quality Effects

Available from these swatch menus. You can make you color look great just by selecting the effects swatch you want.

Custom Brushes

With the custom Brushes, you can enhance your photos as never before!
Use your fingers to do the walking to fix problem spots, remove red eye, lighten darken, sharpen etc.


Photo Journals

Photo Journals are new to Iphoto for the iPad/Ipod/iPhone
Select a group of photos and iPhoto automatically flows them into a beautiful journal that’s fun to personalize and share online. Touch a photo to make it bigger or smaller. Or drag it to a different spot on the screen. iPhoto adjusts the page around whatever you’re doing, so your journal always looks great. You can even add captions, maps, dates, and weather — giving family and friends the big picture at a glance.

Photo Beaming

Take a picture on your iPhone, then instantly beam a full-resolution copy directly to your iPad — or vice versa. If you flag a favorite, edit an image, or add a caption, those things transfer, too.