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The world’s largest online catalog of free education content features lectures, videos, books, and more, from some of the most distinguished institutions in the world. It’s all at your fingertips, courtesy of the iTunes U app on iPad.

Along with audio content, you will often find supporting video and text based materials that correspond with the lesson shared. The Nebraska Department of Education is one of the partnerships with iTunesU.
Links and Resources:

How to Get Started:
  • Download iTunesU App for your iPad
  • Open iTunesU
  • Click the link in the upper right corner to get to the catalog
  • Once inside the catalog, you will see the featured content along the bottom you can select Featured, Top Charts or Categories to find iTunesU content
  • In the Featured content select...
    • Universities and Colleges to find selections from post secondary institutions from around the world who are sharing content
    • Beyond Campus to access museums and institutions from around the world
    • K-12 to access content from school districts and departments of education. *Nebraska Department of Education has content on here.iTunesU_3_buttons.jpg

Next Steps:

  • Click Search in the upper right corner to search for specific content
  • Explore offerings from the 3 sections

Types of Content:
These are groups of content based on a common theme or course. Resources in this section include...
  • Audio Files
  • Video Files
  • PDF Handouts

(Icon will have spiral binding to indicate a course)
Courses take the content from collections and organize them in a way that you could use self directed learning to take a full course listed.

In a course you are given the opportunity to...
  • Read information on a course.
  • Have "assigned" tasks and check off when completed.
  • Go through a course in order to build upon experiences from other parts of course.
  • Take notes to reflect back upon.
  • Learn in a whole new format.