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Participants: the participant list is available from if you need to connect via e-mail with another participant. I took down the .pdf document after the workshop.

Description: This session is intended for teachers who are currently teaching Language Arts and utilizing iPads in their classrooms. The day is intended to be one of idea gathering, conversation and sharing. An ESU facilitator will lead the discussion around the topic of iPads in the classroom. Teachers should come prepared to share ideas on iPad apps, resources and activities that have been successful in their classrooms.

Every participant will leave with a set of apptivities for their classroom. Time will be included to establish a Google Hangout schedule so that participants may continue to collaborate online after returning to their classrooms. Lunch is provided in the cost of the workshop.

Agenda items included in the days activities: Agenda-Handout.pdf
  • Introduction and sharing on iPad experiences in the classroom
  • Facilitated discussion on how devices are managed in the classroom
  • App directories and resource sharing
  • Exploration of FREE apps
  • Demonstration of learning and sharing an app
  • Development of a “apptivity” for sharing with participants
  • Lesson and activity sharing
  • Google Hangout practice for online collaboration and establishment of a schedule for follow-up on-line discussions and sharing

Links & Information Shared:
Apps Shared:
  • Toontastic: Demonstration of a story plot, choose the type of story, add backgrounds, characters, etc. Cost: Free
  • iMovie: Creates video for projects/activities to demonstrate a term or vocab, sound, font, color, music, student speech/narration. Also assigned for NeSA literary terms. Other apps used a lot were No Fear Shakespeare (preview---some items included that inappropriate for the classroom), Pages, Notes, iTunes, Timer, Dictionary, Dragon, Thesaurus, Safari-(Google, Easy Essay). Cost: $4.99
  • Popplet Lite: Infinite space to create a KWL Chart, character analysis map, color code venn diagram (uses for Crucible Character Analysis Map) Cost: Free
  • Wikispace: (ipads in action link) Used iMovie to do a six word essay, wrote an essay also, interview with F. Scott Fitzgerald, create a rap
  • Cohdoo Highlight App: uses Twitter in the classroom and interact with people who are their hero. Author study with literacy analysis, emulate writing of chosen writer/author, uses highlight app to give timely and quality feedback to students on their papers using highlight to give verbal feedback, does the audio files when she has time, students appreciate and enjoy listening to the feedback multiple times. Can listen in iTunes (do not need the app) Cost: $3.99 (App Chronicleshad it listed free)
    • Another idea--record a discussion, seminar, etc. and then sends students who are absent the link, or other students who need to hear it again
    • Jodie's Wikispace:
  • Dropbox App (uses to share documents between teacher and student), Uses PDF Notes (teacher saves their document in Dropbox as a .pdf and then the teacher uses the app PDF-Notes to make annotations on their papers. This works well in her effort to go paperless.
  • Flash Card Elite: self quiz in a game format, smart goal vocabulary each year for NeSA, create cards and add to them each year, Cost: Free
  • Smartnote Free: Cost: Free, Users can create notebooks (different types of papers that have different types of widgets available), different color covers, students can type, write freehand, send to dropbox, add sticky notes, etc. Great organization tool
  • Word Flick: Good 5 minute bell ringer, challenge etc. with words, spelling, instant recall Cost: Free
  • Total Recall Mind Map App: Color coding, mapping ideas app, switch ideas around, change the design, rename the map, etc. Color code instructional strategies, etc. Cost: Free (can create 3 maps with the free version, use the screen snap to take pictures in the free version--premium version allows unlimited maps, sharing, etc.)
  • Poetry Magnets & Visual Poet: Poetry (has themes) can add pictures, words, etc. to put together a poem Cost: Free
  • Life App (life magazine) Cost: Free, Life magazine covers--uses for research such as Vietnam War, etc.

Projector/Computer/iPad Connectivity
  1. Apple TV for wireless connectivity using Airplay:
  2. Splashtop:Displays computer screen on iPad with full connectivity
  3. Reflection: Display iPad screen on Computer (Link to Info)
    • allows the user to see ipad on computer

    • VGA Connector for Projecting (Link to Info)
  4. 5. Pens, cases, keyboards, ziplock bags
  5. 6. Monoprice: Link to pricing on earbuds

Apps to Share: (teachers who use these apps can share how they are using them—if no one is using, Pam will share)
  • Side by Side Web Browser: Link to Info ~ Link to iTunes Store to Download
  • iBook Author on the Mac Desktops for creating iBook materials: Link to Info at Apple
  • iBooks—notes, bookmarks, emailing, pdf viewing
  • DropBox & SendtoDropbox: Link to Dropbox ~ Link to Sendtodropbox
  • Evernote:
  • Google Drive: Access your Google Docs and edit, 5 gig of storage space free ~ Link
  • QR Codes, QR Voice: Quick Reference Codes for more information, links, checking answers, etc.: how are teachers using this tool, what apps work best in the language arts classroom, etc
  • Web Browser tips: .com, side by side, saving pics, screen snap
  • Finding good appsAppitic, iEar, TechChef4U(an app, Pinterest board, Facebook page and more)
    • Teachers will spend some time at the sites above and come back with one new apps that have downloaded and explored using information from one of the sites above.
    • Language Arts specific apps that teachers found in Appitic & TechChef4U that they will explore and use for upcoming units:
      • BookChat (account needed) ~ Good Reads ~ TechChef4u Suggestion--Morfo App that morphs faces, audio record, etc. and use for character analysis, Animoto App (up to 5 free), Comic Life ($4.99), HaikuDeck, Visual Poet--use photos and post poetry over the images, (Free), Book Track--has some free stuff but has in app purchases, Spelling Mastery--listen to words and select, Spelitrite, from IRA--Trading Cards (use International Reading Association when searching),

Classroom management
  • Items unique to iPads
  • Sending and receiving documents—solutions
  • Limiting access to part/pieces of iPads

Successful activities
  • Share a lesson that has been successful
  • Share an idea that worked
  • What has been most successful in your area—sometimes it is the little things
  • Language Arts Stations (Skype with Jenna Krambeck at Elkhorn Ridge Middle School)

Biggest Struggle

Google Hangout Practice: Google Plus (Hangout is available in Google Plus)