iPad Music Apps for the Music Classroom
Music Teachers Sharing Session ~ February 2013

Apps are plentiful and we cannot keep current on all app offerings or those that are recently developed. This list is an attempt to put together 10+ apps that teachers are finding useful in the area of K-12 music. We have also included a few links near the bottom of sites that list apps by subject area that might be useful.

Top Apps for Music Composition -
  • Beatwave: iTunes Link ~ Free ~ This app allows the user to createbeatwave.png their own tunes without a musical instrument. Users can upload their own samples and create their own instruments.
  • GarageBand: iTunes Link ~$4.99 ~ Turn your iPad into a collection of instruments that are played by touch and include the ability to record and mix different tracks.
  • GrooveMaker: iTunes Link ~ Free ~ GrooveMaker allows the user to create electronic, hip-hop and dance tracks by combining loops form the 120+ that are included in the free version.
  • iAmBeatBox: iTunes Link ~ $.99 ~ iAmBeatBox is an app that allows the user to sketch out songs using beats and sounds on the iPad.
  • iAmDrums: iTunes Link~ $.99 ~Want to rock out on the drums? Anytime, Anywhere?
  • iAmFunk: iTunes Link ~ Free ~ These groove tracks will take you on a magical journey, back to a time of shag carpet and funk music.
  • HipHop Ultra: iTunes Link ~ Free ~ Create your own Hip Hop tracks.
  • MIDI Remote: iTunes Link~ Cost $3.99 ~ Asimple and inexpensive wireless MIDI Remote Keyboard Controller.
  • MusicPad: iTunes Link~ Cost $.99 ~Draw music directly on your iPhone / iPod Touch.
  • Music Studio: iTunes Link~ Cost $14.99 ~A complete music production environment for the iPad/iPhone/iPod touch
  • PatternMusic: iTunes Link~ Free ~Create compelling, original music on your iPhone or iPod touch.
  • Pro Keys: iTunes Link~ $.99 ~A multi-instrumental polyphonic keyboard equipped with sounds of legendary synthesizers.
  • Symphony Pro: iTunes Link~ $14.99 ~Open up one of your saved compositions, or begin with a blank page, and you're ready to start writing.
  • TonePad: iTunes Link~ Free ~Create songs by simply touching the screen and seeing notes light up.

Top Apps for Music Production -
AmpliTube: iTunes Link ~ $19.99 ~
Turn your iPhone/iPod touch into the ultimate mobile guitar and bass multi-effect processor.
ASD Lite: iTunes Link ~ Free ~
Learn new songs and techniques by listening to the same piece of music over and over but wish that the music could be played a little slower.
DJ Mixer Pro: iTunes Link ~ Free ~
The best sounding sweepable HP/LP resonant filters/FX on iPad/iPhone.
Garageband: iTunes Link ~ $4.99 ~
GarageBand turns your iPad into a collection of Touch Instruments and a full-featured recording studio.
MadPad HD: iTunes Link ~ $2.99 ~
Turn everyday sights and sounds like your car, an empty soda can, or your friends into the ultimate percussive instrument.
Music Studio: iTunes Link ~ $14.99 ~
A complete music production environment
Pro Keys: iTunes Link ~ $.99 ~
A multi-instrumental polyphonic keyboard equipped with sounds of legendary synthesizers.
Songify: iTunes Link ~ Free ~
Songify turns speech into music, automatically!

Top Apps for Music Theory/Lessons -
Chord Wheel: iTunes Link ~ $6.99 ~ This app will help you understand chords, improvise & solo, transpose keys and compose music.
Chordelia:iTunes Link ~ $3.99 ~ This app
teaches you to recognize the most important types of chord in a fun, simple way.
ClefTunes: iTunes Link ~ $1.99 ~
ClefTunes lets you play music using beautifully and richly synthesized instruments.
Ear Trainer: iTunes Link ~ $6.99 ~
Ear Trainer is an educational tool designed for musicians, music students and anyone interested in improving ones musical ear.
Guitar Lab: iTunes Link ~ Free ~
This app streams video guitar lessons with text, standard notation and guitar tab to your iPad.
GuitarChord: iTunes Link ~ $1.99 ~ This app is
a chord library app with many popular chords for learning and reference.
iReal b: iTunes Link ~ $7.99 ~
Create, edit, print, share and collect chord charts of your favorite songs for reference while practicing or performing.
Karajan Pro: iTunes Link ~ $9.99 ~
Karajan Pro is an easy to use music and ear training application for the iPad.
Learn & Master Guitar: iTunes Link ~ Free ~
This app allows the novice or professional musician to record, mix, and share your music with friends, fans, and fellow musicians anywhere in the world.
Music Tool: iTunes Link ~ $3.99 ~
Selecting a Key, Scale Type and Mode provides you with not only the scale, but also with useful chords.
Nota: iTunes Link ~ $2.99 ~
Nota is a set of indispensable tools for musicians at any level.
Pocket Percussion Teacher: iTunes Link ~ $1.99 ~
Bringing the best percussion teachers and music in the world to your iPad.
RelativePitch: iTunes Link ~ $6.99 ~
RelativePitch is the best way to learn interval training, boost your musical talents, and increase your confidence.
Scales & Modes: iTunes Link ~ $1.99 ~ This app
is an interactive visual and audio reference for the diatonic scales and modes that are fundamental in music theory.
Step and a Half: iTunes Link ~ $3.99 ~
Step and a Half starts out slow: with short tunes, only a few intervals, and plenty of time to get the answer right.

Top Music Instrument Apps -
12 String by H2indie: iTunes Link ~ Free ~ A
portable guitar instrument app for iPads.
Accordéon: iTunes Link ~ $1.99 ~ Easy to learn to play the accordion.
Didgeridoo: iTunes Link ~ $.99 ~
This music toy simulates the ancient Aboriginal wind instrument.
DigiDrummer: iTunes Link ~ $1.99 ~ This app
makes it easy and fun to play drums on your iPads.
iAmGuitar: iTunes Link ~ $.99 ~ This app works with any level from beginner guitar to the experienced song writer.
iBanjoHD: iTunes Link ~ $.99 ~ iBanjo
offers you the easiest way to play a 12 fret Banjo right on your iPad
iBatonLite: iTunes Link ~ Free ~
Both drummers and non-drummers will be impressed by this app.
iGOG: iTunes Link ~ $2.99 ~
iGOG introduces the impossible: touch sensitive pads that respond to how hard you hit them
iSteelPan: iTunes Link ~ Free ~
Turns your iPad into a Caribbean steelpan drum.
MadPad HD: iTunes Link ~ $2.99 ~
Magic Fiddle
Magic Guitar
Magic Piano
Percussive HD
Piano DX
Pocket Percussion Teacher
Redwood Flute
Virtuoso Piano Free 3
Wivi Band

Top Musician Apps -
iReal b
Karajan Pro
L&M Guitar
Metronome Plus
MIDI Remote
Music Tool
Music Studio
Note Goal Pro
Pitch Pipe
Pocket Percussion Teacher
Symphony Pro
World United

Music Apps for Kids -
Kid Synth
Pluto Plays Music HD
Xylophone! HD

iPad Music Apps for the Music Classroom
  • 12 String by H2indie (Free) - A virtual 12-string guitar app which includes easy chord selection, auto-strumming, and easy string picking.
  • 2PlayerPiano (Free) - This app shows two adjacent keyboards for playing duets.
  • 2PlayerXylo (Free) - This app shows two adjacent keyboards for playing duets. Each bar has a different color.
  • Accordéon ($3.99) - This app is an easy-to use accordéon app which includes Major and Minor chords to accompany the melody line. There are also songs you can download which come with an easy to use tutorial on how to play them.
  • Air Harp ($.99) - This app shows an air harp that includes easy-to-read sheet music for popular songs.
  • Air Guitar (Free) - This app shows the neck of a guitar and allows you to strum and play notes like on a real guitar.
  • AmpliTube ($19.99) - This app includes a guitar and a multi-effect and recording studio.
  • Amz Piano HD (Free) - This app is a piano that uses a QWERTY keyboard.
  • Anytune (Free) - This app allows you to adjust the pitch, tempo , repeat loops, audiomarkers, loopmarks, etc.
  • ASD Lite (Free) - This app allows you to adjust the mix, pitch, and speed of the songs on your iPad.
  • Bamboo Flute ($3.99) - This app has a piano-style keyboard with a bamboo flute sound.
  • Band Si Free (Free) - This app is very similar to Garageband. It has limited functions, but allows you to add loops and different tracks to make songs.
  • Basic Chords (Free) - This app shows you tab notation for guitar chords as well as plays what the chords should sound like.
  • Bass Pro (Free) - This app quizzes you on reading bass clef notes.
  • Beatbox (Free) - This app has 12 pre-loaded Hip-Hop sounds that you can create your own mixes with.
  • BeatDown (Free) - This is a basic metronome app.
  • Beatwave (Free) - This app allows you to create your own melodies in a colorful way.
  • Bongos (Free) - This app shows two bongos which have different pitches depending on where you tap them.
  • Bravo Gustavo (Free) - Adjust the tempos of songs recorded by the Los Angeles Philharmonic.
  • Bubble Harp (Free) - This app allows you to create music by changing patterns on the screen.
  • Cat Piano (Free) - This app has a double keyboard that plays pitched cat meows.
  • Celtic Harp (Free) - This app has a variety of settings to adjust the celtic harp.
  • Chord Wheel ($6.99) - This app allows you to see varying chord types and adjust them as you’d like.
  • Chordelia ($3.99) - This is a music theory training program with different modes to help you learn best.
  • Church Organ ($.99) -This app has a keyboard that sounds like a large pipe organ.
  • Classical (Free) - This is a basic guitar app.
  • ClassicalGuitar (Free) - This is an app that plays different chords.
  • Cleartune ($3.99) - This is a chromatic Tuner
  • ClefTunes ($1.99) - Music Theory Review
  • Cowbell (Free) - This is an app that makes a cowbell sound.
  • Didgeridoo ($.99) - This app allows you to play the didgeridoo by touching different parts or shaking the device.
  • DigiDrummer ($1.99) - This app has over 200 sounds to compose your own drum kits.
  • DigiLite (Free) - This app allows you to create some beats with a drum set sound.
  • Discovr Music (Free) - This app lets you search bands and find similar bands and influences of them.
  • DJ Mixer Pro ($3.99) - This app allows you to beat match your songs without affecting the playback pitch.
  • Djembe (Free) - This app has a Djembe that sounds like a real Djembe.
  • Drum Kit XL (Free) - This app is a real-sounding drum set.
  • Drums Pro HD ($.99) - This app is a real-sounding drum set.
  • Drum Kit Pro ($.99) - This app is a real-sounding drum set.
  • Ear Trainer ($6.99) - This is an app to help you train your musical ear.
  • Eastern Lute (Free) - This app sounds like an Eastern Lute.
  • EasyBeats LE (Free) - This app has synthesized instrument sounds.
  • Etude (Free) - This app shows your scores.
  • Free Drum (Free) - This app has real sounding drum beats.
  • Fun Piano (Free) - This is a basic piano app with two keyboards.
  • Garageband ($4.99) - This app turns your device into a recording studio, multiple touch instruments, Smart Instruments, and a song creator.
  • GrooveMaker ($9.99) - This is an app that lets you create electronic, hip-hop, and dance tracks.
  • Guitar Lab (Free) - This is a guitar training course catalog to help teach you how to play guitar in a variety of different styles.
  • Guitar Free (Free) - This app comes along with instructional songs to help teach you how to play guitar by teaching you the note names associated with the different frets.
  • GuitarChord (Free) - This app shows you how to play guitar chords by showing you multiple different ways to play them using easy-to-read tab notation.
  • GuitarChords (Free) - This app is a quick reference to find how to play various chords.
  • GuitarTunerHD ($2.99) - This app is an easy-to-read tuner for your guitar.
  • HangDrum [Mandala] (Free) - This app is a simulated hang drum which plays different pitches and has a few different settings.
  • Harmonika ($.99) - This app features a built-in tutorial to show you how to play a song as well as allows a free play setting. You are also able to adjust the key it is in.
  • Harmonizer (Free) - This app is for your infants and young children to use to help them identify pitches.
  • iAmBeatBox (Free) - This app allows you to create your own beats with adjustable tempos, rhythms, etc.
  • iAmDrums ($.99) - This app has an easy-to-read notation system and allows you to create beats with on a drum set.
  • iAmFunk (Free) - This app is a simple, easy-to-use funk song maker with various pre-recorded rhythms and melodies.
  • iAmGuitar ($.99) - In this app, you can choose between a 6 or 12 string or electric guitar to play songs with by strumming or plucking strings.
  • iAmHipHop (Free) - This app is a simple, easy-to-use hip-hop song maker with various pre-recorded rhythms and melodies.
  • iAmJazz (Free) - This app is a simple, easy-to-use jazz song maker with various pre-recorded rhythms and melodies.
  • iAmRingtones (Free) - This app is a simple, easy-to-use ringtone generator with various pre-recorded rhythms and melodies of a variety of styles.
  • iAmSymphony (Free) - This app is a simple, easy-to-use classical-style, orchestral song maker with various pre-recorded rhythms and melodies.
  • iBanjoHD ($.99) - This app has a 12 fret banjo for you to practice with.
  • iBatonLite (Free) - Just shake your device to create a drum beat based on the amount of movement and direction.
  • iBone XL ($3.99) - This is a pocket virtual trombone. You blow into the mic area and slide your finger to create sounds.
  • iDaegeum (Free) - This is a virtual daegeum, which is a traditional Korean music instrument.
  • iDousyn ($1.99) - This is a monophonic synthesizer which also includes a voice recorder and a drum for a simple, easy-to-use interface.
  • iDrumStarPro ($.99) - This app offers 8 different kinds of drums, 7 drum skins and 19 themes. It also includes a metronome and rhythm helper. You can also save your files.
  • iGOG ($2.99) - This app features up to 384 multi-sampled drum hits per pad, combines dynamic, random and positional samples to help me the sound more realistic.
  • iKala Karaoke (Free) - This app allows you to sing karaoke.
  • iMusicNotes (Free) - This app is a sheet music viewer. Sync your sheet music with this app and view them anywhere you go.
  • Instruments ($2.99) - This app is a quick reference guide for fingerings for most every popular Western instrument.
  • InstrumentsFree (Free) - This app shows pictures of, speaks the name of, and plays an excerpt of non-tradition Western band instruments.
  • iPianoRoll ($1.99) - This app has pre-loaded songs to learn on piano with falling notes, it feels more like a game than a lesson.
  • iReal b ($7.99) - This app features 1000’s of chord charts that you can adjust to practice and play along with. Adjustments include transposing charts to any key, styles, looping, etc.
  • iRecorder ($.99) - Blow into the mic to make the recorder sound, use the easy-to-read fingering chart to learn how to play the recorder.
  • iShofar ($.99) - This app shows a shofar and has 3 different shofar sounds to do.
  • iSteelPan (Free) - This app features a Caribbean steel pan with note names for you to play with.
  • iTriangle (Free) - This app plays three different triangle sounds depending on where you tap on it.
  • JamKit Pro ($.99) - This app has an easy-to-use kit to jam on.
  • Kalimba ($2.99) - This app simulates an African kalimba (thumb drum). It has a range of 3 octaves and can be tuned to any key.
  • Karajan Pro ($9.99) - This is an ear training and music theory app. It is a great tool for any age student - with lessons on recognizing intervals, chords, scales, pitch, tempo, and key signatures.
  • KaraokeNow (Free) - This app has over 40,000 songs to choose from to sing karaoke with.
  • Kid Synth (Free) - This app features drum kits, acoustical instruments, electronic instruments, and animal sounds with an easy-to-use music app for kids.
  • L&M Guitar (Free) - This app is one of the most comprehensive instructional series for guitar available.
  • LaDiDa ($2.99) - This app is basically a karaoke app designed to accompany you. However, this app analyzes your voice and matches your key to accompany you.
  • MadPad HD (Free*) - This app allows you to make songs with different sets. You can also download sets created by other people.
  • Magic Fiddle ($2.99) - This app has streams of colored lights to follow to create music and rack up points.
  • Magic Piano ($1.99) - This app has several different views of pianos, easy-to-follow song books, and live duets.
  • Melody Bell ($.99) - Set the bells to different pitches and you can play songs with a handbell choir.
  • Metronome (Free) - This app allows you to customize the time signature, visual indicator, and sound options, set the tempo, or tap your tempo.
  • Metronome Plus - ($1.99) - This app has a very simple layout and easy drop down menu.
  • MIDI Remote ($3.99) - This app is a wireless MIDI remote keyboard controller that uses your WiFi network. It works with GarageBand, Logic, Digital Performer or any other MIDI application.
  • Miso Music (Free) - This app allows you to learn and play ukulele, bass guitar, mandolin, and banjos.
  • Music Creator ($1.99) - This app allows you to create music in a completely original way.
  • Music Quiz! (Free) - This app plays clips from songs on your device and quizzes you on the name of the song.
  • Music Tool (Free) - This app is an excellent reference tool for musicians. Select the key, scale type, and mode and it provides you with the scale as well as useful chords.
  • MusicInstruments ($1.99) - This app helps kids discover a variety of musical instruments.
  • Musicnotes - (Free) - This app is a sheet music viewer.
  • MusicPad ($.99) - This app allows you to draw music.
  • MusicReader ($.99) - This app is a PDF music reader.
  • Music Studio ($14.99) - Very similar to GarageBand, this app offers a music production environment which includes a piano, 65 other instrument choices, and n-Track Tuner.
  • Newzik (Free) - This app allows you to tune any instrument.
  • Nota ($2.99) - This app includes a directory of piano chords and scales, a piano, staff note locator, a note quiz and a reference library with over 100 symbols.
  • Note Goal Pro ($2.99) - This app helps you learn to read music while learning the notes on a piano.
  • Ocarina ($.99) - This app allows you to play your device like an ancient flute. You are able to record and archive your performances, hear others around the world playing, and added vibrato for your performances.
  • orchestraTimpani (Free) - This app has realistic sounds of timpani.
  • Pandora (Free) - This is a free personalized radio app that lets you customize your playlists.
  • PatternMusic (Free) - This app allows you to create your own original music with pre-loaded tools.
  • Percussive HD ($1.99) - This app allows you to play the Glockenspiel, Kalimba, Xylophone, Vibraphone, and Marimba.
  • Piano DX (Free) - This app is not just a basic piano app, it includes a full 88-key piano, multitouch, a rich sound, adjustable metronome, sustain pedal, double row keyboard, retina display graphics, and much more.
  • Pitch Pipe ($2.99) - This app is a pitch reference tool with 13 different pitches all a half-step apart.
  • Pluto Plays Music HD (Free) - This app is an animated adventure game for kids to play songs with.
  • PocketGuitar ($.99) - This app allows you to play your device like a guitar, electric bass, and a ukulele with sound effects like distortion, chorus, delay and wah.
  • Pocket Piano ($.99) - This app features a piano with a note range of C3 to C5, including sharps and flats.
  • Pocket Percussion Teacher ($1.99) - This app teaches basic exercises and rudiments of being a percussionist. There are 9 other apps which go into more detail and cover other exercises to help any developing percussionist.
  • PraiseHymns (Free) - This app lets you search, play along with, or just listen to your favorite hymns.
  • Pro Keys ($2.99) - This app is a multi-instrumental keyboard which also allows you to play, sing, record, and edit tracks.
  • R-Tap Drums (Free) - This app comes with 10 drum kits and editable drums to jam on.
  • RealBongos ($.99) - This app plays 11 different quality sounds for each bongo.
  • Real Violin ($4.99) - This app simulates a violin, viola, and cello. Neck is the same size as a real violin.
  • Redwood Flute ($4.99) - This app allows you to play this Native American instrument and includes the recordings of the best sounding flutes that can be found by masters of their instrument.
  • RelativePitch (Free) - This app has 3 different modes to help you develop your ear.
  • SaxMan ($.99) - This app simulates a real saxophone. Blow into the mic and use different key combinations to make music.
  • Scales & Modes ($1.99) - This app is a visual and audio reference tool for diatonic scales and modes. This also includes fingerings for piano and guitar.
  • Shazam (Free) - This app allows you to tag songs and it will tell you what it is, who it’s by, what album it’s from, but it on iTunes, learn the lyrics, watch clips on YouTube, etc.
  • Shiny Drum (Free) - This app has preloaded drum kits with interchangeable sets.
  • SlitDrum (Free) - This drum is based on the traditional African musical instrument.
  • SmartMusic (Free) - This is an app for educators to review, grade, and comment on student assignments.
  • SongExporter ($.99) - This app allows you to transfer song you have in your device’s library to any other computer via WiFi.
  • Songify (Free) - This app will turn your speaking into singing, similar to AutoTune.
  • SoundHound (Free) - This app recognizes music from singing, humming, or playing of music.
  • Step and a Half ($3.99) - This is a music theory training app with 35+ levels to help you with your music theory.
  • Symphony Pro ($14.99) - This app is a music notation editor to compose and playback your compositions. There is an 88-key virtual keyboard or a MIDI compatible keyboard to enter a series of notes or chords.
  • Theremin ($.99) - This app sounds like the classic Theremin.
  • ThumDrum (Free) - This app has drums in the shape of a hand so it will easily fit your hand.
  • Thumb Piano 2.0 ($.99) - This app resembles an African musical instrument.
  • Timpani ($2.99) - This app has electronic drums and percussion instruments to create your own jams.
  • Tingalin ($4.99) - This app resembles an Albanian musical instrument.
  • Tiny Violin ($.99) - This app let’s you play with 3 different violin sound types.
  • TonePad (Free) - This app allows you create your own music by touching the screen and seeing notes light up.
  • Touch Drum (Free) - This app is a virtual drum kit.
  • TuneIn Radio Pro ($.99) - This app offers over 50,000 stations, and 120,000 shows for you to choose from. Ukulele TV
  • Vibraslap! (Free) - Just shake or tap your device to make a sound.
  • Violin!!! ($1.99) - This app includes a violin, cello, and viola which allows you to play in 3 different modes.
  • Virtuoso Piano Free 3 (Free) - This piano app features 88 keys, adjustable sustain, multi-touch, optional double keyboard, etc.
  • Virtual SheetMusic (Free) - This app has a catalog of free sheet music and mp3s.
  • VSMCarolsLT (Free) - This app features 13 Christmas Carols with sheet music.
  • Wivi Band (Free) - This app features trumpet, trombone, saxophone, and more.
  • World United (Free) - This app lets you listen to music from around the world and create your own music with parts of others.
  • Xylo-Piano (Free) - This app is an interesting way to play the xylophone.
  • Xylophone! HD (Free) - This app features a colorful xylophone.
  • YTSO 2011(Free) - This app allows you to watch videos from all the finalists of the 2011 YouTube Symphony Orchestra.