Pages on the iPad ~ Getting StartedPagesIcon.jpg

Handout in .pdf format: Pages Getting Started.pdf (this comes preloaded on your iPad when you install Pages)

Document Creation in Pages:
Users can begin creating documents in Pages by:pg-docs.png
        • Using the Document Button in the top left corner
        • Tapping the Blank Document on the start up screen
        • Tapping the "+" Button in the top left corner of the currently open document.

Formatting in Pages:

  • Fonts: A drop down menu is available to change fonts. Highlight the text and then select the font from the drop down menu.
  • Font Size: Represented in the image above by the number 12--highlight the text and then select the size form the font size drop down menu.
  • Character styles--Bold, Italic, Underline: Represented in the image above by the B, I, U, simply highlight the text and tap the bold, italic or underline icon in the formatting bar. pg-margins.PNG
  • Tabs, Page & Column Breaks: represented in the image above by the arrow with the vertical line. Use this button to access a drop down menu to change the tabs, page and column breaks.
  • Selection: Double tap to select a word, triple tap to select a paragraph
  • Style Ruler: Double tap any text to "reveal" the Style Ruler above

Opening & Closing Documents in Pages By:

        • Page Screen: When opening pages, a list of all pages documents will be displayed on the screen, tap one to begin using the document.
        • Document Button: The document button in the top left corner also allows you to access documents

pg-tools.pngTools in Pages: Document set-up, Settings, Share & Print
    • Located in the top right corner, the tools menu allows the user to Share and Print, Find words and set Document Options.
    • Share and Print allows the user to e-mail the document as a .pdf, Word doc or Pages document.

Working with Objects:
    • Click the Insert button (it looks like a picture of the mountains) and images, tables, charts and shapes can be added to your Pages documents.
    • Page_image_2.PNG

Addional Pages Resources: