iBooks Author

Training Agenda

  • Overview
  • iBooks App on iPad Vs App on Computer
  • iBooks Examples iBooks vs. PDF's
  • iBooks Author Introduction
  • Guided work time
  • Share final products

iBook Examples to begin Make and Take workshop

What is iBook Author?: iBook Author is a tool that allows users to create their own interactive ebooks for iPad's iBook Shelf.

Link to iBook Author Download: Apple Site
Link to Tutorials on iBook: Apps in Education
Free iBooks on Using iBook Author:
Required Equipment & Software: Mac running 10.8 or 10.9 or better, iBook Author App, iPad running iOS7 or Mac with 10.9
Large book collections vs chapter by Chapter

Users can:ibook page.png

Steps to Create Your First Interactive Book Using iBook Author:
  • Choose one of the included templates and edit them to fit your needs
  • Add content including pictures, video, text, links and interactive widgets
  • Create a glossary from the text and add definitions
  • Preview the book on your iPad at any time
  • Share the book with others

Adding Text:
  1. Type text into the template or copy and paste from other sourcestemplates.png
  2. Drag and drop a Pages document to the book navigator to add it as a new section.
  3. Drag and drop Microsoft Word documents to the book navigator to add it as a new

Adding Images:
  • Add images into the template using the media browser of iBook Author.
  • Creative Commons Search
  • Drag and dropimages on the page
    • Text flows around the image
    • Image formats must be supported (.jpg, .png, .gif, .jpeg)ibook-media.png
    • Images may be masked to a variety of shapes and crops
    • Instant alpha is available on images to make colors transparent
  • Use a widget to add an interactive image as html
  • Add reflections & shadows to your images

Adding Sound and Video:


Customizing with Widgets:

Even More: In addition to the items above, users can add shapes, charts and tables. Everything can be lined up on the pages using alignment guides that can be viewed or turned off

Files for South Sarpy Teacher's iBook

My Great book Sample from Training:

Here is a video which shows some of the ins and outs of creating Books and selling them through the iTunes store.